What is Sustainable Shade-Grown Coffee?

Shade Grown Coffee (Arabica bean) is grown under the
canopy of the rainforest without damaging the trees,
bushes, flora  or wildlife!  The coffee bush is a shade
loving plant that thrives in this micro-ecosystem and
produce a slightly larger, more flavorful bean than sun
grown coffee.

If it is Shade Grown it is almost certainly organic
naturally.  The micro-ecosystem of a Rainforest give
the coffee bush everything that it needs to survive and
thrive.  The soil is fertile.  The natural enemies of the
coffee bush are kept in check by their natural enemies.  
It is nature in balance with itself.

Sun Grown Coffee (Robusta bean) are grown after clear
cutting the rainforest.  Sun grown coffee has only been
around since the mid 1970’s and it has proven to be an
unsustainable micro-ecosystem that requires constant
fertilization and the consistent use of pesticides.  The
price for this, pollution, erosion, flooding, sickness and
lower quality products!

Shade grown coffee supports the birds and the frogs
and all of the thousands of species that make the
rainforest their home.

It is growing coffee in the rainforest, not growing coffee
instead of the rainforest!
Be PROUD of your purchase today!